A49 closed by flooding in Herefordshire

A MAIN road in Herefordshire remains closed this morning after it was hit by flooding.

Highways England said the A49 is closed in south Herefordshire between the A466 for Wormelow and the junction with the A4137 for Whitchurch this morning (February 1).

Road users travelling southbound are advised to follow the solid triangle diversion route:

From the A49 southbound turn right onto the A466 southbound, at the A49/A466 junction

Continue on the A466 southbound until the A466/A40 junction. 

At the A466/A40 junction turn left onto the A40 eastbound. 

Continue on the A40 eastbound to the A40/A49 roundabout. 

At the A40/A49 roundabout take the 3rd exit to re-join the A49 southbound 

Hereford Times: Flooding on the A49 in Herefordshire. Photo: Highways EnglandFlooding on the A49 in Herefordshire. Photo: Highways England

Road users travelling northbound are advised to follow the solid circle diversion route:

At the junction of the A49/A4137 turn left onto the A4137 southbound. 

Continue along the A4137 southbound until its junction with the A40

Join the A40 southbound and continue until its roundabout with the A466 (Monmouth) 

Take the 3rd exit to take the A466 (Signed Monmouth)

Continue along the A466 to the centre of Monmouth and at the junction of Dixton Road/North Parade, turn right onto the A466 northbound. 

Continue along the A466 northbound to re-join the A49. 

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