Caring for residents and the local community

Staff and residents at Hampton Grange and Gwen Walford Nursing Homes have decided to put their best foot forward into 2021 by not only caring for their residents, but also the local community as well. They recently made a donation to Hereford local Food Bank.

Daniel Bridges, Manager, said: “I contacted the food bank to let them know of our idea and to see what kind of donations they were currently in need of. These were things like tinned vegetables, coffee and washing powder. It is really great that we are fortunate enough to be able to give back. Being compassionate, kind, caring and committed are four of our company values and the team has really shown that they share these values too”.

Hereford Times:

Making 2021 as special as possible for their residents is also number one on the minds of staff at these nursing homes. Residents now have the use of virtual reality headsets within their activities programme. It is in its early stages of development at the moment but these headsets will allow residents to visit places virtually that they love, places from their past to help support their memories while also having some fun in the process. Residents have already been swimming with mermaids and have visited places like Tokyo and Tahiti all from the comfort of their home!

Hereford Times:

Hampton Grange and Gwen Walford have also created a wishing tree in which each resident has written down a wish for the year and staff have challenged themselves to fulfil all of them by the end of 2021. Another great way of creating memories for each and every one of the residents and making their wishes come true in the process.

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