Council can’t do more as lorry drivers ‘ignore’ Bromyard ban

A HEREFORDSHIRE councillor has said he cannot do anymore to keep lorries out of Bromyard town centre as a 7.5-tonne weight limit is already in place.

Councillor Alan Seldon said the weight limit, except for those lorries needing to acccess the town centre, was recently put into place.

He said the council had done all it realistically could, and could do no more if lorry drivers “ignored” the signs.

His comments came after a building at the junction of New Road and High Street was hit by an articulated lorry on Thursday, causing damage.

West Mercia Police and Hereford and Worcester were called to the scene on Thursday morning, but neither have commented on why the lorry was driving down New Road. No suggestion has been made that the driver ignored the signs.

Coun Seldon said he did not know the circumstances around that particular incident, he knows lorries do ignore the weight limit, which covers the town centre, as they often drive past his house in Old Road.


It’s Our County councillor Alan Seldon, who represents Bromyard West, said: “We’ve put signs up with up with a 7.5-tonne weight limit, which I instigated to make sure things like this didn’t happen, and I’m scratching my head at the moment about what else we can actually do.

“Whether it’s down to foreign lorry drivers following satnavs, I don’t know, but we’re using international signage, internationally recognised.

“They [the signs] are at levels recommended by the Department of Transport, and it’s the same signs as recommended by the Deparment of Transport.

“What more can we do?”

He said the ban could not be any stricter, as any ideas like width restrictions would hamper Bromyard fire crews, based in New Road.

He also suggested stricter enforcement by police could deter lorry drivers from flouting restrictions.

Hereford Times