Decision on whether to permit airstrip in Woonton, Herefordshire

Rob Vianello of Chapel Stile Cottage, Woonton, between Hereford and Kington applied in March to extend the permission granted to a previous resident in 2010 to use the field to the south of the cottage for light aircraft take-off and landing.

With the single-engine light aircraft he intended to buy, he would not go beyond the maximum set down in the previous permission of eight flights a week, or 416 a year, between the hours of 9am and 9pm, his application said.


Woonton parish council supported his bid, but two residents opposed.

One, Stephen Stinton, said: “Realistically we could have a plane buzzing around and landing every day of the week.

“This is not an environmentally friendly activity, and is recreational and not vital to the area.”

However Herefordshire Council development manager Andrew banks has now granted the aksed-for permission.


Mr Vianello must keep a log of all take-off and landings for inspection, and only use the strip for aircraft weighing under 995kg, “except in an emergency”.

There is to be no “parachuting, aerobatics, pilot training or crop spraying” from the site, nor “touch and go” landings, where the plane takes off again straight away. Warning signs must be put up next to the adjacent public right of way.

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