Disappointment at festival headline no-show and three-hour wait for drinks

DOZENS of disappointed music fans have taken to social media to voice their frustration after hours-long waits for drinks and a no-show headline act at a Hereford music festival.

Stadium Fest Hereford 2021 promised the city a “huge event with some of the biggest names in pop and dance music from over the years” on May 30.

Held at Hereford’s Edgar Street football stadium, the show boasted sets from artists including Tulisa, Flip N Fill, Atomic Kitten, and S Club.

But some festival-goers say they were left disappointed by the event after having problems ordering drinks via an app on one of the hottest days of the year so far, while former N-Dubz singer Tulisa did not appear.

Many of those left thirsty took to the festival’s Facebook page to complain to organisers.

“What a shame, this should have been such a great event coming out of lockdown,” wrote Melanie Cook.

“We waited two hours for our first round of drinks and after waiting over two hours for the second we cancelled them and left!”

Melanie was not alone in waiting hours for drinks. Other festival goers including Lou Sainsbury and Emma Wood also took to social media to say they had waited over two hours for drinks.

“Two hours for a drink I waited. Left in the end, £28 wasted,” wrote Lou.

And Dale Skitt said he had left after a two-hour wait for his first round of drinks and a three-hour wait for the second round.

“Hoping for an explanation from the organisers soon as to how they were so understaffed and under prepared for the demand,” he said.

Others were left feeling short-changed by the acts.

“S Club was one person singing to the music, Tulisa didn’t turn up, and we were in our pod from 3-10.30pm and got two drinks all day,” wrote Kerrie-Ann Reid.

But despite the problems, others said they would return next year.


“All being said it was an great day even with all that went on,” wrote Andi Redmond on booking site Skiddle.

“Music and weather were banging. Big thanks to all that put this together in the current situation and I’ll be the first in the queue for tickets to the next one.”

Kelly Murphy said: “Wow what a day and night, dancing from start to finish. Seeing some my raving friends yesterday was perfect. Huge thank you as always to Keyes, Terry, also the birthday man himself today Mc Wotsee for putting the event on.”

And Dawnmarie Gonsales said: “I had a great day! Yes the drinks side of things was dreadful but for the people complaining they couldn’t even get water where the hell were you?! They were handing out free bottles of water and also the food places and ice cream van had plenty of bottles water and bottles of juice. Yes I like other had to wait hours on alcohol, but if I was feeling thirsty I got juice from somewhere other than the screwed up app.”

Writing on their Facebook page, organisers said they had seen the posts and would be addressing everything today.

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