Driver caught at 89mph is among thousands snapped by Hereford speed camera

A MOTORIST who drove at 89mph is among thousands who have been caught speeding by Hereford’s only fixed camera.

More than 3,500 were caught by the speed camera on the A465 Belmont Road last year.

The camera was only installed in July 2018, but since then has caught more than 8,200 people.

A freedom of information request submitted to West Mercia Police has revealed a total 3,557 notices of intended prosecution were issued last year to those breaking the 30mph speed limit.

Some 1,149 of those drivers opted to pay a £100 fine and have three penalty points on their driving licence in the 2019/20 financial year.

The highest speed detected during that period was 89mph.

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Councillor Kevin Tillett, who represents the nearby Hinton and Hunderton ward, said it was shocking to think people would drive that fast along Belmont Road.

“It’s particularly staggering to get up to that speed for a short distance,” he said.

“It may occur late at night when there’s not much traffic and people have been speeding along the full length of the road.”

He said the main complaint from residents is speeding on side roads.

“Most people would say they are usually crawling along Belmont Road because of the traffic.

“Certainly, speeding on side roads is a much more common complaint.

“Particularly in Hunderton road, which is used as a shortcut by people who sometimes cut through Springfield Avenue going the wrong way.”

Hereford Times: Thousands of drivers have been caught out by the fixed speed camera on Belmont Road in HerefordThousands of drivers have been caught out by the fixed speed camera on Belmont Road in Hereford

Infrastructure and transport cabinet member John Harrington said Herefordshire Council has been looking at implementing 20mph limits in residential areas across the city.

“We were looking at a program of bringing 20mph speed zones in residential streets.

“The difference between 30mph and 20mph on a residential street is not really impactful on people’s journeys, but it does make a huge difference to the way the street is for the people who live in it.

“The engine noise is not so bad, and the safety level is improved.

“We’ve done it in a sense due to the emergency coronavirus travel measures but we will be looking at doing it in some of the side streets in Hereford.

“But you can’t just bring in these measures. The whole point of looking at reductions in streets is to do it in a way that is matched by the conditions on the ground.

“You might bring in more greenery or break up streets in a way that makes it not just a straight rat run with things that naturally slow people down.”

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