Hereford crowd sings with busker as ‘council’ says stop

A CROWD joined in with a Hereford city centre busker in an act of solidarity as he was stopped mid-song by a person who he said works for the council.

Jason Allan, of Worcester, was busking in High Town in Hereford last week when he says a member of council staff asked him to stop singing with the amplifier as he was disturbing those working.

He continued to sing without the amp and played the music from his phone instead.

But this was still not enough, and the council member said they would return with an enforcement officer, said Mr Allan.

Those watching him sing decided to join in to show support.



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A spokesperson for Herefordshire Council said: “We encourage buskers to work closely with our street trading officers to ensure that they enhance the city centre experience for other users.

“When we get complaints from visitors or businesses in the area we will investigate.

“Where a busker’s performance is intrusive or disruptive, we advise them of our guidance, which may involve asking them to turn down the volume or relocate.”

Mr Allan has shared other videos of special moments during his performances, including a lady enjoying his music so much dances with him.



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