Herefordshire marks coronavirus vaccine milestone

A VACCINATION team in Herefordshire is celebrating a milestone moment in the fight against coronavirus.

Hereford’s Elgar House vaccination centre, run by Wye Valley NHS Trust, only opened its doors to the public on February 2.

And just over a month later, 20,000 people have already passed through the centre’s doors.

The moment the 20,000th vaccine was given at the centre, to Tamara Moran, was marked with flowers, chocolates, and a round of applause, a trust spokesperson said.

Across Herefordshire, a total of 77,839 people have now received their first dose of the vaccine, with 37,230 of those in Hereford and South Herefordshire and 40,609 in North Herefordshire.

Of those, 23,434 have been given to the under 60s, 8,632 to those aged 60-64, 11,341 to those aged 65-69, 12,337 to 70-74 year olds, 9,323 to 75-79 year olds, and 12,772 to the over 80s.

Hereford Times