I see now why Hereford bypass was cancelled

It is now apparent why the Hereford Council wanted to cancel the bypass.

The Hereford Masterplan prepared by the Stronger Hereford Board supported by the Council has been submitted to the Government in the hope of receiving £25 million funding.

What they have not said is where they are going to acquire the remaining £20 million pounds if they wish to complete the whole project or who is going to pay the salaries and other running costs associated with it.


Hereford needs an economy driven by business and manufacturing. The city centre needs flourishing businesses not learning and resource centres.

Many people benefitting from this Masterplan will be lower end spenders within the consumer groups that are required to expand our economy.

The plan while well intentioned requires huge sums of taxpayers’ money to benefit relatively small groups of people and will eventually become a burden to the council tax payer. Spending £2,400,000 on electric buses will not decrease congestion, regular daily traffic will still run through the centre of Hereford.

This Masterplan does nothing to relieve the health and environmental issues suffered by thousands of citizens which would have been alleviated by the bypass.

Garry Cullen


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