Message to Herefordshire walkers to prevent a serious accident

WALKERS are being warned in Herefordshire to follow a simple rule to reduce the risk of causing a serious accident.

People walking around the countryside in Herefordshire’s Golden Valley have been told to make sure they are closing all gates behind them.

Ewyas Harold Village Page on Facebook, which carries message from the parish council, said anyone exploring footpaths need to make sure they do this because recently some have been left open.

It means livestock has been left loose as a result.

A spokesperson for the council said this ” of course results in damage and the possibility of a serious accident, especially when near main roads”.

The Countryside Code, which is a guide to exploring the countryside, urges people using public rights of way to leave gates and property as you find them.

It also advises to be considerate to those living or working in the countryside, urges people to protect the environment by not lighting fires and pick up after their dog.

Hereford Times