Plans for walking route on old Herefordshire railway line

AN exciting new project aims to bring a disused railway line back to life.

The old line from Worcester through to Leominster via Bromyard has been vacant since 1964, but a group called the WBL Greenway is attempting to resurrect it as a walking and cycling route.

Under the group’s proposals, the debris and overgrown plants currently on the line will be removed and the land restored to enable walkers and cyclists access.

Through a working partnership with the cycling charity Sustrans, they are attempting to put together a feasibility study, and are calling for the public’s help to raise awareness.

WBL Greenway chair Tom Fisher said: “The Worcester Bromyard Leominster Greenway project aims to convert the old railway line to a 25-mile track for walkers, cyclists and horse-riders.

“It will be accessible for people with limited mobility.

“Our online survey has shown very encouraging support with over 1,300 responses and 95 per cent in favour.

“Our immediate task is to raise funds for a detailed feasibility study.

“So far Herefordshire Council have recognised the potential value of the project as part of their transport strategy.

“They have agreed to support further detailed investigation of the project but we need a similar commitment from Worcestershire.”

The former railway was in use from its initial proposal in 1861, through to the final train in 1964.

It was not until 1877 that the line was extended to Bromyard and Yearsett station closed in preference to a new Station at Suckley in 1878.

The line curved north through a succession of bridges, embankments, and cuttings, crossing the Bromyard to Malvern road near Stanford Bishop, threading its way through rolling farms towards the back of the old Hospital and on to Bromyard Station which was located within the current Industrial Estate.

The Leominster to Bromyard line was closed in 1952, with the remainder of the line closing on September 5, 1964.

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