Police blast plans for Bank Holiday Herefordshire farm rave

Police officers have hit out at plans for a three-day Bank Holiday rave on an isolated Herefordshire farm, blasting lack of security and medical provision.

A notice submitted by Ben Carding of Bristol said the “temporary discotheque for between 120 and 160 people” would run at Coed Major Farm, Craswall from 6pm on Friday, August 27 to midday on Sunday, August 29.

In an objection made to Herefordshire Council’s licencing committee, West Mercia Police Sergeant Powell said he had concerns over the location and lack of security or medical provision at the site.

Sgt Powell said he visited the site on August 5 with Herefordshire Council officers, after a concern raised by a local resident..

An earlier attempt to host an event at the farm had then been cancelled following his advice, the sergeant said.

Both the planned bank holiday weekend event and the earlier unsuccessful attempt were advertised as a “belated birthday party”, he added.

“Both events have been ticketed. I note the organiser’s birthday as being in November. I would suggest this is simply an excuse for a pre-arranged party for which tickets have been sold.”

Sgt Powell said his concerns over the original event still stood – namely that it had no security; alcohol, though not on sale, would be consumed by the guests, which he expected to number 450; no medical provisions had been made, and the location would mean a journey for emergency vehicles of at least 30 minutes.

Herefordshire Council identified further issues around catering, hygiene and water supplies at the site, he added.

“The event could cause unrest in the local community due to noise nuisance but also 450 visitors could cause traffic issues too,” the sergeant said.

The council’s licensing committee will rule on whether the event can take place on Thursday, August 26, the day before it is due to begin.

Hereford Times