Police car overturns in crash outside SAS camp near Hereford

THREE people have been injured after a police car overturned in a crash outside the SAS camp near Hereford.

West Midlands Ambulance Service said it was called by police at 6.10pm on Wednesday evening (April 28) to reports of a crash involving two cars in Credenhill.

Pictures show the crash, north of Hereford on the A480 and outside the headquaters of the SAS, involved a police car which had overturned.


Paramedics treated three people for minor injuries, and one was taken to hospital, an ambulance service spokesperson said.

One ambulance and a paramedic officer was sent to the scene.

The A480, which connects Hereford and Kington, was closed for more than two hours on Wednesday evening.

West Mercia Police has since said the car was responding to an urgent incident when it was involved in the crash.

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A Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service crew from Hereford Fire Station was called at 6.27pm on April 28 to make vehicles safe after a crash on the A480 in Credenhill.

“The incident involved two vehicles with one on its roof – crews were unable to make this vehicle safe due to its position,” a spokesperson said.

Kitchen fitter Luke Payne, 29, was travelling home when he spotted the wrecked police car.

He said: “The car looked pretty totalled to be honest. It had obviously had a right smash.

“Because it was about 200 metres from the SAS entrance, I thought it might have something to do with them or a training exercise but it could be a coincidence.

“It’s amazing anyone got out of the car alive.”

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