Readers air their thoughts about congestion charge for Hereford

REGARDING discussion of a congestion charge for Hereford, it would not be so much a congestion charge as a toll charge.

It’s so small a city, and has no great pull except to those who live there because its parking charges are so high.

Someone voted Green, what we got was people messing around on bikes talking about climate change while ratepayers have been smashing their cars on the potholes in the roads, losing their way home lost in the weeds on the side roads and waiting with autograph books for the invisible policeman, praying they don’t get robbed.

I could go on and on, but I think the reader is aware, and I am off for a medicinal scotch.

Ian Gaskin

I APPRECIATE that Hereford can be busy. But it would be irresponsible to bring in a congestion charge.

I work as a nurse in Hereford and have to come through town, so would not be happy to pay a congestion charge.

What Hereford needs is a bypass from the Callow to Roman Road, connecting to the A49, then from Wellington or Morton-on-Lugg and have another bypass going to Monkland village, or coming out at Letton.

Deborah Cresswell

Congestion charge? Terrible idea. The congestion charge will force traffic into other areas with people trying to avoid it.

Just build a better road system. Or limit the congestion charges to very particular roads in the city centre.

Jack Chambers

Great idea! Let’s not have a bypass when we can charge motorists to drive through our city when there’s no other way they can go.

Pollution will remain in the city but, hey, look at all the revenue they can raise to enable them to think up more hare-brained ideas.

John Hodgetts

Congestion charge in Hereford? Another ridiculous idea, along with river buses and a bus lane that went nowhere.

Instead of providing solutions to Hereford’s traffic problems, punish small businesses by adding more charges to stop people coming into the city!

Nick Cooper-Tomkins
Ewyas Harold

ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. It’s not London, the traffic in Hereford is on move all the time.

It takes a few minutes to get round the city and at times it is quite quiet.

A congestion charge will kill the city.

Next they’ll be squeaking about no jobs and retailers closing down

Reduce public transport costs and set up a hop-on, hop-off scheme.

Julia Ward

A congestion charge to traffic is madness. How are people meant to get through or even to another part of the city where there is no bypass?

We definitely need another bridge across the Wye, especially linked to Rotherwas.

Incidentally, I cannot believe when you were extolling about lovely ice cream that you didn’t mention the wonderful ice cream at Oakchurch Farm Shop made with real cream.

Jacky Thomas

Any congestion money will be wasted again: used for other projects that will still leave the city congested.

We will never get the relief road that we desperately need – the council members are mostly pro-cycling.

Mark Anthony

Editor’s note: A congestion charge is NOT part of Herefordshire Council’s policy. It was an idea mooted for discussion by a Hereford Times letter writer some weeks ago.

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