Teaching assistant ‘lost control’ and kicked police officer in the face

A MOTHER-OF-FOUR who slapped a driver she crashed into went on to kick two emergency workers after her arrest in Ledbury.

Hereford Magistrates Court heard how teaching assistant Tanya Jane Newton was found in her car by police at the scene of a crash in Little Marcle Road on November 15, 2019.

Prosecutor Ralph Robyns Landricombe said Newton slapped Slawomir Glebocki across the face after the crash.

She then failed to do a breath test when asked by police, and after being verbally abusive she was arrested and put in a police van.

Mr Landricombe added: “In the van she started to put her shoelaces in her mouth. The police stopped and removed them from her mouth.”

When PC Emily Holder then opened the cage to let Newton, 34, out of the van at the police station, she kicked the police officer in the face.

Once inside the custody block, she again refused to provide a sample of breath and kicked detention officer Penny Thompson in the throat.

Defence solicitor Aneep Tathgar said Newton “fully accepted” she was responsible for her actions and had been “genuinely remorseful”.

Miss Tathgar said Newton was “going through a difficult period in life” with her relationship breaking down, and on the day of the crash she felt “overwhelmed with everything going on in life” and “snapped and lost control”.

Hereford magistrates sentenced Newton to a total of 15 weeks in prison, suspended for two years, and disqualified her from driving for 18 months.

Miss Tathgar said this would have a big impact on her children.

Newton was also told to pay a total of £200 compensation, £500 costs and a £128 victim surcharge.

Newton, of Bellflower Close in Emersons Green, Bristol pleaded guilty to failing to supply a sample of breath, driving without due care and attention, and assaulting PC Holder. She was found guilty after trial of assaulting Mr Glebocki and detention officer Penny Thompson.

Hereford Times