This is what Ofsted said about Wigmore School, Herefordshire

Wigmore School, which was visited for the first time in five years last June, was told that it is friendly and welcoming, with pupils having a common understanding of the importance of values like empathy, equality and teamwork.

“This results in positive relationships and a shared commitment to their learning,” said Nicola Beech and Huw Bishop, who compiled the report.


“Pupils arrive to school in a calm and orderly way, greeting the staff on duty. Pupils get on well with each other at social times, whether playing football or enjoying their lunch, picnic-style, on the field.

“Behaviour in lessons is good but, on occasion, the behaviour of a few pupils can disrupt the learning of others. Pupils engage positively with their learning tasks, from talking confidently in French and Spanish to the quality of their writing in English. They achieve strong outcomes by the time they leave the school.”

The report adds that leaders have designed an ambitious curriculum, which is successfully accessed by all pupils.

“Teachers ensure that pupils’ learning is ordered in a way that enables them to make good progress as they move between Years 7 and 11,” it said.


“Pupils learn well and achieve good examination results. Teachers use their strong subject knowledge to help pupils understand new learning. Many are skilful in their use of questioning to check that learning has been secured.”

The school was also praised for having effective safeguarding arrangements, with leaders carrying out necessary checks on staff before they start working at the school. 

However, the inspectors did note that some parents are dissatisfied with the way leaders communicate with them. 

“Because of this, there is not yet a shared understanding of leaders’ vision for the school,” they said.

“Leaders should engage more effectively with parents, so that everyone in the school community is able to meaningfully contribute to leaders’ ongoing school improvement work.”

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