This is why we are privileged to live in Herefordshire

Ryeland GP surgery and the Bupa Dental Clinic in my adopted town of Leominster are centres of excellence – such dedicated, caring staff ! Our hardy postmen and women are out in all weathers delivering the mail with a smile. We have clean water in our homes at the turn of a tap and domestic energy at the flick of a switch!

So why do so many people moan while (such irony!) taking these services for granted?

What are your thoughts?

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The health practitioner at my appointment recently mentioned that it was only 11.30am but already five people hadn’t turned up to the surgery, and didn’t even notify the staff. Factor in the number of hours lost and times by the number of surgeries and hospitals across the country, and it runs into millions of pounds per day!

Worldwide, 35 per cent of the population has little or no access to a doctor, only sporadic access to water and energy supplies, and many live in war-torn or disease ridden areas. Malaria alone kills nearly three million people per year, and 95 per cent of the victims are children under five.

Next time you feel like a moan, try putting some perspective on it!



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