Turning off traffic lights endangers Hereford’s most vulnerable

I was interested to read in the Hereford Times (February 11) of Transport Cabinet Member Cllr Harrington’s intention to remove sets of traffic lights around the city in an attempt to reduce the frequent grid locks. I might add that the only effective way to improve the traffic flow would have been to take through traffic out of the city via a bypass, but Cllr Harrington has rejected this obvious solution.

However, it is not his failure to resolve the traffic issue that is my main concern, but the consequences for the most vulnerable in our community should Cllr Harrington persist in his intention to remove traffic lights.

Many of the lights incorporate a pedestrian phase, with sound, that permits mothers with pushchairs, wheelchair users, slow moving elderly people, and, especially, blind and partially sighted, to cross these roads with safety.

With the removal of these safe crossing points I am assuming that Cllr Harrington intends to dig pedestrian underpasses, or build pedestrian bridges, ramped to facilitate pushchairs and wheelchairs, to replace them. If this is the case, what is his budget for this project and where is this money coming from? 

Will he also give an assurance that these alternative crossing points will be in place before the safe traffic light controlled crossings are removed?

Terry Moore


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