Two areas of Hereford where there are almost no Covid cases

TWO areas of Hereford have seen Covid cases dramatically fall to single figures.

Just three cases of Covid-19 were recorded in Hereford Central in the latest seven-days, figures released by the government show.

Hereford South West also saw cases dramatically fall with just four recorded cases – a drop of 69.2 per cent (nine cases) on the previous week.

Both of these two areas are close to being classed as ‘suppressed’, meaning less than three cases recorded.

More detailed data is not shown from suppressed areas “to protect individuals’ identities”.

So exact figures of areas where less than three cases have been recorded are not released.


Hereford Central saw a reduction of 89 per cent (25 cases) in the seven days up until February 10.

Other areas of the city saw: Hereford South 10 cases; Hereford West nine cases; Hereford North West 14 cases; Hereford North East 11 cases; Hereford East 10 cases.

Elsewhere in Herefordshire

The areas of Lugwardine, Withington & Moreton on Lugg along with Wigmore, Orleton & Brimfield were classed as ‘suppressed’.

Previously Leominster was classed as “suppressed” but in the latest figures three cases were recorded in Leominster North and four in Leominster South.

These areas recorded five or less cases: Belmont, Madley & Clehonger; Kingstone & Kingsthorne; Fownhope, Tarrington & Marcle;Ledbury.

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