Two police cars among 15 hit in teenagers’ crashing spree

POLICE have arrested three teenagers who stole a car before damaging 15 vehicles in Leominster, including crashing into two police cars.

The incident happened at 2am this morning (Friday, October 16) following a call about anti-social behaviour in Croft Street, Leominster.

While making enquiries police heard a loud bang from a nearby road and when they went to investigate saw a car being driven erratically and crashing into several parked cars, including two police cars.

The police cars were significantly damaged, but no officers were hurt.

Inspector Mel Reynolds said: “Our officers gave chase on foot and were able to maintain a visual contact with the car, which then turned into a cul-de-sac and was cornered by officers and another police car.

Hereford Times: Joshua Smith's car was one of those hit in the wrecking spree at LeominsterJoshua Smith’s car was one of those hit in the wrecking spree at Leominster

“Three people (one man and one woman, both young teenagers from Ludlow and one man in his late teens and also from Ludlow) were detained in the car and all three were arrested on suspicion of taking without the car owner’s consent, criminal damage and burglary.

“They were taken into police custody where one of the arrested men assaulted a police officer and was further arrested for assaulting an emergency worker.

“I would like to ask the local residents to please check their property as we are aware of around 15 damaged vehicles, and if you have discovered damage that wasn’t there when you were parked yesterday please get in touch with us.

“I would also like to praise the courage of all officers involved who recognised such a high risk to public safety and property that they chased a car acting so very dangerously on foot in order to bring the situation to a close.”

Joshua Smith said his Ford Focus car was one of this damaged, and had been written off by his insurance company.

The fire service said they were called at 2.41am to reports of a crash involving a four-wheel drive car and several parked cars in Croft Street and Wigmore Street.

Firefighters made sure the cars were safe from a risk of fire and left the incident in the hands of police at 3.37am.

Nobody was hurt.

More to follow.

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