Up to 100 homes are expected to be built next to the SAS base near Hereford

PROPOSALS to build up to 100 homes next to the SAS barracks in Credenhill are expected to soon be approved.

Applicants Anna Spreckley and Eleanor Van Straaten want permission to develop the land south of the A480.

The proposals include 35 affordable homes and would cover around nine acres of open grassland just north of Stirling Lines, the headquarters of the 22nd Special Air Service Regiment.

Architects working on the scheme say there are no impacts that would arise from the design or layout of the proposal that would outweigh the benefits.

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However, residents say the proposals would increase traffic and that there are not enough services in the village to cater to the new homes.

They also fear building on the site could increase the risk of flooding in the area.

But Credenhill ward councillor Bob Matthews told a recent parish council meeting that the site is expected to be approved under delegated powers.

“The key issues on this site have been the suitability of the proposed cycle footway between the site and Centurion way, drainage and the relationship with the MOD camp.

“Providing the highways officer is satisfied, the proposed footway link is achievable and suitable for such use.

“Welsh Water have confirmed that a foul water drainage connection to a specified manhole would ensure that the scheme is acceptable.

“I’ve alerted them to the problems we’ve previously concerning foul drainage and overspills to the south west of the site.

“The drainage strategy is deemed to be acceptable.”

He said noise issues such as those arising from the firing range or generators on the MOD site will be considered at a later date by council officers.

“In this case the benefits outweigh the modest negative impacts of this site,” he said.

“They are asking for delegated powers. If we refuse it, it will go through straight on appeal.

“There is nothing, sadly, we can do much about it.

“The only issue left is the entrance up Centurion Way which needs to be sorted out.”

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