Councillor speaks out over plan to house asylum seekers in Hereford

Councillor Ann Marie Probert, who represents the city’s Newton Farm ward, gave an update to locals yesterday after she and her fellow councillors were updated by council boss Paul Walker on Government plans to house 120 asylum seekers at a Hereford hotel.


She has spoken out after a letter from the Home Office setting out Government plans for Belmont Road’s Three Counties Hotel was acquired by community website Hereford Voice, which shared it with the Hereford Times.

The letter, addressed to Mr Walker and sent by Ann Smith, deputy director of resettlement, asylum support, and integration at the Home Office, said that the Three Counties Hotel had been identified as a site to be used to accommodate asylum seekers.

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But councillors know no more than has already been revealed at present, Coun Probert said.

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“At this stage we have no more information to give other than what was in the letter,” Coun Probert said.

“The next step is a meeting with government officials and local multi-agency partners which will be held later next week. They have promised to update us on the progress.

“I will keep you updated,” she promised locals.


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