Hereford’s cheapest petrol and diesel as Christmas approaches

HEREFORD drivers could be hit with rising petrol prices while driving home for Christmas this year.

Drivers are being hit by record Christmas getaway fuel prices, new analysis shows.

The RAC said motorists are being “heartlessly overcharged” as the average price per litre of petrol is around 153p, with diesel at 176p.

Compared with the days leading up to Christmas 2021 – which was previously the most expensive for drivers – current prices are 7p higher for petrol and 27p more for diesel.


But compared to October, when costs were affected by price the value of the pound decreasing, prices have gone down in Hereford petrol stations.

Asda, in Belmont Road, had the cheapest prices selling unleaded for 156.7p per litre and 175.7p for diesel in October.

While BP, along the Straight Mile, was the most expensive selling unleaded for 169.9p per litre and diesel for 189.9p.

Now Shell, in Whitecross Road, is the cheapest, with unleaded at 146.9p and diesel at 168.9p.


While Texaco, in Ledbury Road, is the most expensive at 162.9p for unleaded and diesel at 181.9p.

Here’s the cost of petrol in Hereford (correct as of December 22):

1. Shell, Whitecross Road: 146.9p unleaded, 168.9p diesel

2. Asda, Belmont Road: 146.7p unleaded, 177.7p diesel 

3. Hinton Service Station, Ross Road: 147.8p unleaded, 169.8p diesel

4. Texaco, Commercial Road: 149.9p unleaded, 177.9p diesel

5. Tesco, Belmont: 146.9p unleaded, 169.9p diesel

6. Co-op, Holmer Road: 150.9p unleaded, 173.9p diesel

7. Esso, Ledbury Road: 152.9p unleaded, 176.9p diesel 

8. BP, The Straight Mile: 152.9p unleaded, 178.9p diesel

9. Sainsbury’s, Barton Yard: 153.9p unleaded, 175.9p diesel

10. Texaco, Ledbury Road: 162.9p unleaded, 181.9p diesel

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